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Artikel über Migräne

Confabulation, card tricks and confirming your migraine triggers (part 1)
How good are people at determining cause, effect and migraine triggers? (Not very good.)
Consider the fascinating, but disturbing results of a psychology experiment1 Jay Olson recently conducted at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Olson asked test participants to select a random card while he flicked through a deck of playing cards. Unbeknownst to participants, the 10 of hearts had been slightly altered2 which caused it to be visually exposed for a few milliseconds longer than any of the other cards. As a result, 98% of participants chose the 10 of hearts - not such a random choice afterall!
Mirror, mirror on the wall is tyramine a migraine trigger afterall?
Tyramine: a case study in migraine trigger mythology Numerous foods have been implicated in migraine, ranging from cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, pickled foods such as herring, and even Chinese food. In fact, there is no doubt that certain foods can trigger attacks of migraine in susceptible individuals, and there are times when a consistent link between intake of the suspect food or beverage and the onset of migraine has been so obvious that the patient has learnt to avoid them already. Sounds straightforward but there are many exceptions to this rule, and one of them revolves around the ingestion of tyramine-containing foods.
How can neck pain be a protector for migraine attacks?
Q&A with Alec Mian, PhD, CEO and Founder of Curelator Inc. and user Helen Power Alec: Helen Power is one of the initial users of Curelator Headache and has the distinction of being the first in a group of users where neck pain surprisingly turned up as a protector. Helen: When you first interviewed me months ago, I was definitely puzzled to see neck pain on my Protector Map™! Did anyone else have neck pain as a protector on their maps? Alec: Neck pain is commonly thought to be a warning sign or a symptom of a migraine attack. So far, and it is early days, we have found seven other users who have neck pain as a protector on their maps. I've interviewed a couple of them and their responses were similar to yours Helen. When people get neck pain, they may do a variety of things - apply a heat pad, lie down, stretch. Therefore, all of these things become associated with that person's neck pain. So my first question to anyone with an unexpected protector or trigger is, "What things were you doing when you recorded that factor?" That's why, in our initial interview I asked, "What do you do when you get neck pain?"
A tale of two drugs: wheat mold, hippies and headaches
An interesting best-of-times-worst-of-times story related to migraine treatment can be found in a humble wheat mold, called ergot. Early last century pharmaceutical companies got interested in ergot and took two dramatically different roads in their attempt to develop drugs based on the effects of the mold. One road led to the development of a drug with great social effect, seemed to work for everybody, made very little money and was eventually deemed illegal. Ironically, the other drug remained legal, made a great deal of money and had highly variable efficacy. You may have taken one and possibly both of these drugs in your lifetime.
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