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Q&A with Sharron Murray and Alec Mian
We were fortunate to have Sharron Murray as one of our first Curelator Headache users. We were introduced to one another by Dawn Buse, PhD, one of America’s leading clinical psychologists and Director of Behavioral Medicine at the Montefiore Headache Center in New York. We were very interested to have Sharron try Curelator Headache because of the phenomenal success of her five year journey to track her triggers and reduce her chronic migraine attacks by 90%. Sharron is a registered nurse by profession and the author of a respected book about migraine triggers: Migraine: Identify Your Triggers, Break Dependence on Medication, Take Back Your Life: An Integrative Self-Care Plan for Wellness. When Sharron received her trigger and protector maps, they largely confirmed the factors that she suspected were influencing her attacks.
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